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The basis of my art practice is drawing - with mixed media and many tools, from the sharpened end of an umbrella spoke to a digital pen, with inks, paints,  pastels and coloured pencils for colour.

My content is based on natural science with a generous dose of whimsy.

The name Buttongrass Studio, my flexible workplace, is inspired by the magnificent button grass meadows of the southwest wilderness of Tasmania where unique and beautiful animals, such as the emu wren and wombat, live. 

While I have lived in Tasmania all my life, I have been fortunate to travel  in many different parts of the world, experienced natural wonders and visited art museums to view original masterpiece art works that I had only seen as tiny reproductions in books.

Obsession is what has driven my artistic life.  I think I was born with it. I spent hours drawing as a child, writing stories and illustrating them. Art was always my favourite subject at school.  Going on to art school seemed natural. I chose the graphic design course and drawing was a fundamental skill that was taught. 




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