Buttongrass Studio is run by artist/illustrator Jane Burrell and her family

The name  is inspired by the magnificent button grass meadows of the southwest wilderness of Tasmania where unique and beautiful animals such as the emu wren and wombat live. 

Jane studied graphic design at the Tasmanian School of Art and it was while working at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery that someone brought an orphaned baby wombat into the staff tearoom. It sipped some water from a tea cup and became the image on the much loved 'cuppa' tea towel.

Jane says "I am fascinated by our connection to animals, especially the wild ones - how they come into our lives, adapt, challenge and charm us."

For Information about Jane Burrell's art, please contact us.

"Over the years our family had lots of fun roaming around in the wild and temporarily accommodating in our home and garden, various furry and feathered artist's models in the form of wombats, possums, pademelons, wallabies, bandicoots, an owl and even a few penguins."