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My story ...


My mixed media art work spans 5 decades. (Yes, I did start young!)

These days I'm focussing on making images on paper, cloth and wood.


A natural animal lover, I became aware of the breadth and variety of our native animals when I took up a position at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery as a designer/illustrator.

One of my first jobs was to draw our poisonous animals so that people could recognise them, and keep clear. We seem to have rather a lot of sneaky stingers!

One day a person brought an orphaned baby wombat into the tea room and it accepted a drink of water from a teacup. I fell in love with this little creature.

Most Australians live in cities and towns that cling to the coastlines

and are not familiar with our native wildlife, probably because much is nocturnal, moving around at night.

My mother was afraid of the 'big bushrats' who turned out to be many species of delightful marsupial macropods.

Over my working life I have made it my mission to illustrate and present these beautiful animals through art and design, so we can get to know them better and care for them.

The name Buttongrass Studio is inspired by the magnificent button grass meadows in south west wilderness of Tasmania where beautiful animals such as the emu wren and wombat live.

I'm now experimenting with painting (oils and acrylics) - less detail, more passion and broader themes - like species extinction, climate change and the movement of people and animals across landscapes.